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are you dating bo-ats? if not, is she dating anyone??


I am not dating bo-ats, shes like one of my best friends. And she isn’t dating anyone, but don’t even try for her unless you are tall, weird, smoke a lot of weed, indie, and have great facial hair.

striped shirts are a plus


The music video for “3005” has been nominated for Best Hip-Hop Video at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Hiro Murai directed the video and you can watch it above. Vote here.

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During her reign, Empress Elizabeth transformed a small summer palace into a splendid residence which eclipsed the fame of many European royal residences. The reign of Elizabeth I was a golden age of Russian Barocco. This elegant, exuberant style with elaborate ornamentation and dramatic lighting effects matched perfectly well the character of the empress. She was walking through the golden enfilade admiring her reflection in multiple mirrors. Today, this luxurious palace has become known as the Catherine Palace, named after Elizabeth’s mother, Empress Catherine I.


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